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Jasmine Jones

Independent Welsh Escort            In Cardiff


Why me....

The Benefits! :-

Well first of all let me state the obvious.......I'm British.......Welsh! That means I can speak fluent English, so we can actually communicate. I'm not an Eastern Block immigrant who won't understand you, or your needs.

I am Independent Escort.......the only person I work for is myself. I am not over priced or underpaid because I am with an agency, and there certainly isn't some big guy in the next room taking the cash! My rates are reasonable, but also ensure that I only need to see a couple of select clients a day, which keeps me horny and fresh for you. I am not 'banging them in and banging them out'. You will not pass the last guy in the corridor. You will not have to wait in your car or in the next room while I finish up with the last guy!

I am much safer and much cheaper than having an affair! This is because I'm a dead cert! You don't have to spend lots of time and money to experience me! No chance of unexplainable receipts in your pocket and I'm not going to ring you at 2am because I want to spend more time with you. Or will I beg you to leave your wife/girlfriend etc! I am more than happy with out you permanently in my life! Also break-ups are expensive, as are spending evenings wining and dining someone and not getting what you what at the end!

Your time with me will be Quality Time, unrushed, unhurried in comfortable surroundings. I am a nice person without attitude. You will get a genuine Warm Welsh Welcome, not a cold shoulder from a lady who doesn't want to spend time with you let alone touch you (I often hear stories about how cold some of the Foreign Ladies are). I want you to enjoy our time together......why wouldn't means you will come back again!

I am genuine, I enjoy escorting. I don't have to do it, I do it because I want to.......nobody tells me that I have to do it! This is not my only form of income.

My apartment is in a nice area, it is clean , tidy, and comfortable. I often have relaxing music playing. You are not coming to some seedy grubby flat, with a still warm grubby bed in a rough part of town. You don't have to worry about the wheels still being on your car when you leave!

I am always clean and freshly showered, no nasty little surprises! I have regular health checks and always use condoms. I refuse to see anyone who request otherwise or who I believe to have seen other ladies who offer unprotected sex.

Need I say more.....................?