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Jasmine Jones

Independent Welsh Escort            In Cardiff


The Nookie Club.......!!!

Ok I know some of you have been waiting for this and the rest of you are So what is Nookie Club.....? Well think of Nookie Club as a type of Christmas Club because once you have saved enough up in the Nookie Club you will think all your Christmases have come at once!!!!

I've come to realize that some of you out there can't easily justify spending my fee in one go, but if it disappears out of the coffers in smaller sums then there will be no questions asked!! All I require is an initial meeting before you request to join, then I need an email from you which contains a name and a mobile phone number. You can then make your payments weekly, monthly or when ever you please. Payments are to be made either by cash into my bank account or via bank transfer (details will be give on acceptance of you application.). Your appointment will be subject to availability and within the hours that I am available. 

The Rules........

1) You must first ask my permission to join.

2) You must have had at least one appointment with me before joining.

3) You have to be over 18 and provide photo I.D if required.

4) If you make an appointment and don't keep it for what ever reason £20 will be subtracted from your total donations.

5)Any money's in the club are non-refundable.

6) If you waste my time or are rude or offensive to me at anytime I reserve the right to terminate your membership and your donations will not be refunded.

7) Appointments are only available within the times that are stated by me.

8)Donations are for my time only, anything that happens within that time does so between consenting adults.

9) My actions in our time together are at my discretion.

*payments made into The Nookie Club are -nonrefundable