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Jasmine Jones

Independent Welsh Escort            In Cardiff


Nuru Massage.......

Welcome, to the intoxicating world of Nuru ... if Carlsberg made massages ... the King of massages ... the ultimate in sexual encounters ... together we will slide to new heights of erotic sensuality ...

Nothing has captured the imagination of people quite like Nuru Massage. This phenomenon has been talked about for several years and is now available to you in Cardiff... it's new (to Cardiff), Its sensual. Its exciting. Nuru Massage is a fantastic once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is a super-charged body slide using genuine Nuru Gel.

So What is Nuru ...

Nuru Massage is unlike anything you've felt or experienced before. Not a ‘normal’ massage, but a celebration of your senses allowing your most intimate feelings to emerge. The word Nuru comes from the Japanese language, and means slippery, but we tend to believe it was also originated from the name of the seaweed, Nori which is used in the gel. The gel, allows for ease of movement during full body to body contact, allowing our bodies slide against each other providing more sensation and opening the doorway for pure, unadulterated fun.

Nothing is more natural an fun than having a beautiful woman slide all over your you with her "gelled-up" body. A wonderfully exotic escape from the monotony of British life.

So I invite you to enjoy this ancient art of relaxation with me, which was once only available for the Japanese elite. I will provide you with an experience like no other and I have created a beautiful atmosphere to induce relaxation a sense of detachment from the outside world and life in general. Tenderness and mystery is the unique combination offered by an exotic woman’s touch. Not a usual massage, but a celebration of your pleasures allowing you most intimate feelings to emerge.

You start with a shower, before I lead you to my traditional massage table where I shall exfoliate every inch of your skin and I massage away the stresses of your day life!

Now back to the shower so I can cleanse, caress and soap your body, tease and titillate you. We can kiss slow and passionately while you gently run your hands over my soft, smooth body, feeling every inch of my beautiful curves ...

Still wet from showering we will retire to the Nuru Bed, accompanied by music, soft candle light & incense,filling the room with aromatic scents providing you with a peaceful ambient atmosphere

I will start to apply the warm nuru gel to your body, covering every last inch of you. Massaging it into your body, relaxing you completely before I slip and slide my body over you massaging the whole of your body with mine, raising the game and temperature, among other things! Once we are both covered in the slippery nuru gel, the erotic, sensual fun can really start to get going ...

We will intertwine our bodies, sliding, slipping, massaging and feeling each other all over, our bodies wet and glistening with the nuru gel. I will use my whole body to massage every part of you. We will be able to explore and touch each others bodies, bringing you up to the point of orgasm, while we tease, stroke and kiss all the sensitive erotic areas of each other.

The massage will involve many different positions, always maintaining full body contact. Personal services can be included (at my discretion & always protected), or you can just enjoy an exhilarating 'Japanese Nuru', full body to body massage if that's what you prefer.

Can you imagine yourself intertwined with my soft curvaceous body, my long legs wrapped around you in every position imaginable ... Sliding against each other, bringing you to an erotic, climatic end ...?

Some feed back,(more can be seen in my Guest Book) ...

Nuru....... wow! Sensuous, titillating, teasing, relaxing and orgasmic...... and very, very slippery......... all in one! No massage will ever be the same again. If you haven't tried this then this is an experience not to be missed. Jazz as ever a sexy, skillful masseuse!!

I had talked to Jazz on the phone to ask to explain the Nuru massage. For the price and either enjoy other things with this lady. I decided to try a new experience and went for the Nuru....Guys it is mind blowing,Jazz takes you to a place you can only dream of....A very beautiful,friendly,caring,kind,erotic lady. Why recommend as I want her to myself....Honestly guys treat this lady nice,you get ten fold back....See you soon Jazz XxX

Feed back from another very happy chappy ...

A four handed Nuru with Jazz and Cat....or shoul

d I say 4 breasts and 2 bottoms! The ultimate life-fulfilling fantasy experience for any man! An erotic sensation that is completely overwhelming. Every nerve end is caressed, stimulated and slid over. The ladies are so sensual....but also be prepared for lots of fun and giggles.... and then you can just watch them together...oh gosh! Not for the faint hearted but so wonderful!

Nuru Play Time Experience ...

If you haven't got a spare 90 minutes ... then how about a sexy slip and slide for an hour ... all you have to do is pop yourself in the shower, get wet and join me to play in the Nuru! Lots of slippy slidy fun and giggles.

Nuru is also available for the Ladies, both with just myself and with my handsome male counterpart Jack Jones. The combination of his hard muscular body and my breasts sliding over your skin is simply a sensual delight!

Nuru Experience Packages ...

The Basic Nuru Massage Experience takes an hour and a half and is £250.

Deluxe Nuru Massage Experience This takes two hours during which you could bring along a bottle of wine and chillax a little first, add a facial, pop into my portable inferred sauna or simply just let me take a little more time slipping my body over yours...... The Deluxe Experience is £300, if you wanted to extend even more then its £70 for each consecutive half hour. Please let me know when you make your appointment if you wish to extend it as only on occasion extensions maybe available on the day

The Four Handed Nuru Massage Experience with Jack for the ladies also takes an hour and a half and is £480.*** Or its a nice erotic treat for a couple at £500.

Nuru Play Time Experience for 1 hour is £200

Nuru Play Time Duo Experience with either Jack Or one of my lady friends for one hour is£380

*Nuru is not suitable for seaweed allergy suffers.

**I use only genuine Nuru Gel Products imported from Japan and not oil for my Nuru Massage

***The Four Handed and Play Time Duo with Jack is only for the Ladies as Jack is straight! We also provide a Couples Nuru Massage Experience