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Jasmine Jones

Independent Welsh Escort            In Cardiff


My Thoughts......

Well this wasn't what I was going to put here......It was going to be a blog! But I thought I would just chuck some random stuff here instead as life is kinda random!

Guess what.......the brains gone blank now! Yesterday there was loads of stuff chasing around the rooms in my head, banging doors and bumping into things, getting all excited cos they were coming out to they are all hiding in those cardboard boxes with the lids on that are kept in those dark rooms where nobody goes!!!

Well what new today.........after a chat with one of my regular gentlemen callers, a bottle of good red, and a few hours research in to the wee hours I have decided to branch out into the ancient Japanese art of Nuru Massage.......excited.....just a tad.....I've just ordered all that I I just need you to come and give it a go!!!!

Well the Nuru Massages have been flying out the door......or should I say slipping and sliding! Have a look at the feed back in my Guest very brave gent opted for the four handed Nuru and loved it! I have quite a few repeat customers for it and a lovely lady joined me for one too!

Now for a whinge........ what's with all these idiots asking for bare back and reduced rates and then giving me reasons why I should!!!! Those of you that have already met me will know my stance on this, and those of you that are intending to meet me will be delighted to know.......its NO, Narda, Absolutely No Way.......I mean come on you guys which bit do you not understand about the word NO......the N or the O!!!! As for reduced rates..........don't insult me.......look for someone who is cheaper!!!

25/5/16 Today I received an email from a gent I was lucky enough to spend some time with last week I though I would like to share it with you! So with his permission here it is...

Hi Jasmine,

Hope you're well.

I am not often left too lost for words as perhaps I was (a little) on Friday afternoon - but now a few days have passed, I feel more ready to send you many heartfelt thanks for the wonderful time we spent together.

Just thinking about it over the weekend, I prefer to remember it as more than just a girlfriend experience because of all the wise, intelligent advice and solace you shared. Your sense of empathy and concern is something I embraced just as much as all the passionate play and sensuality we enjoyed - and for sure, you taught me how to appreciate new sensations.

For me, meeting escorts is important and profound as I still develop my life skills. Meeting you was especially so - and I can never feel ever more grateful. To fulfill one or two deeper romantic fantasies would be

enough to make one feel content, but taking the time to embrace every quality of companionship, compassion and endearment makes it feel extra special.

I hope to be back in Cardiff a couple more times before the year's over - mainly for work purposes - so I hope we can meet again within a few months.

Thank you again, Jasmine. Have a wonderful summer.

Lots of love and best wishes,

G xxxx

Thank you G for such a fantastic email and thank you also for the entry in my Guest Book. I am looking forward to our next encounter xxx

1/10/15 I've decided o take our sexual safety to a higher level so sorry guys, I've been to the GUM Clinic and recieved a clean bill of health and decided that I am no longer willing to take the risk of Oral Without a Condom or Come In Mouth any more. Those nasty little critters called STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) can lurk in throats. This is not just to protect me and Jack but also my clients ... namely YOU!